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Hope For Every Deaf Person
God Signs

Approximately 70 million Deaf people have not been exposed to God’s Word in their native sign language. In fact, most Deaf communities are amongst the most unreached people groups in the world.

We’re committed to changing this … by bringing the Scriptures to life among Deaf people groups.

This complimentary eResource tells you how to …
  1. Learn the challenges to spreading the Gospel among the world’s Deaf communities.
  2. See how Deaf Bible Society is diligently working with partners far and wide to reach Deaf people with the Gospel.
  3. Understand how the partnership of friends like you is accelerating sign language Bible translation projects.
  4. Read moving testimonies of Deaf people impacted by access and engagement with the Bible in their sign language!
  5. Plus, features informative “Q&A” section presenting the truth behind some of the common misconceptions about Deaf people.
  6. See how you can be involved in getting God’s Word to every Deaf person!
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